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Adobe Reader 9.0

Adobe Acrobat Reader is documentation software created by adobe systems. Adobe Reader 9 can be use for read, create, manage and print files in Portable Document Format. Portable Document Format means PDF extension computer files. Expect adobe reader 9 all family software by adobe systems are available for free download for users on adobe website.

Adobe reader can only read and print PDF files it can’t use for create a PDF files. You can just take a view of PDF files in adobe reader you can’t create new file or edit PDF files in adobe reader 9. Mostly adobe reader is using for present information just like a paper publication.

Adobe Reader is best software for print and read PDF files. Now days there are also many other softwares available in online market for read and write PDF files. Foxit reader is a top listed competitor of adobe reader.

Foxit reader is very light software as compare to Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 you can download its trail version just for free. Foxit Company also launched pfd writer software named as Foxit PDF Creator. You can edit any PDF file in Foxit Writer very easily and if you are using PDF creator then you can also make new PDF files.

Adobe Reader Previous Versions:
Adobe Reader X
Adobe Reader 10
Adobe Reader 9
Adobe Reader 8
Adobe Reader 7

Other Sub Versions of Adobe Reader 9

Adobe Reader 9.1 – Adobe Reader 9.2 – Adobe Reader 9.3 – Adobe Reader 9.4

Adobe Reader Old Versions History.

Adobe Reader 1.0

In 1993 adobe released first version of adobe reader. It was not initially free software that time adobe reader version 1.0 priced was $50 per user.
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Adobe Reader 2.0

Adobe reader 2.0 was first released in 1994 for windows and Macintosh.

Adobe Reader 3.0

Acrobat 3.0 was released in 1996 for Windows 95. First time for give option to view PDF files in browser and first time support form filling.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0

Adobe Acrobat reader 4.0 was released April 1999 with following features.

  • PDF version 1.3 (and prior) supported. Introduced Distiller Server 4.0 and Acrobat Business Tools 4.0

Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0

Adobe Acrobat 5.0 as released May 2001 with following extra features. It was last version for Windows 95.

  • PDF version 1.4 (and prior) supported and Acrobat 5.0. PDF Writer removed from Macintosh application.
  • supported the Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions
  • Last version to support Win 95.

PDF Writer

How You Can Write or Edit PDF File

This is a big issue to write or edit a PDF file. You can not use Adobe reader 9 free version for edit or write pdf file. Only Acrobat X Standard Allow you to write and edit PDF files.

Adobe Acrobat X Standard have many other features like PDF Scanning, PDF to Word and Excel, PDF conversion and PDF commenting.

PDF Scanning In Adobe Acrobat X Standard

You can scan a paper documents using Acrobat X Standard and convert in PDF make scan text search able with OCR.

PDF to Word and Excel

You can easily convert PDF file int word or excel file using file conversion tool.

PDF conversion

Convert file with one click in to word, power point, excel, publisher and access as well.

PDF commenting

You can review and make up PDF files using “Adobe Acrobat X Standard”

Adobe Reader 9 Updates

Are you using latest security updates with your adobe reader or acrobat reader ? If not download now latest security features for your acrobat reader or adobe reader 9. You can get more info from this link

Adobe Reader 9 Updates

New Updates released as a part of adobe reader 9 all versions so remove security risk from your adobe reader by updating it.

Adobe Acrobat X Standard (Adobe Acrobat 10)

Acrobat X is a latest application by adobe systems for editing PDF files. This new version of software have a many new useful feature as compare to old versions of adobe acrobat.

Acrobat X Standard enables you to create, edit and share PDFs. You can convert scanned document into searchable documents or fill able forms. You can combine multiple file types into a single PDF file. This version came with improved quality, enhanced usability and functionality.

It provides a simplified, streamlined user interface such as tools pane on right corner is organized into task related groups. This version is offering streamlined commenting process; you can find read or unread comments or find comment quickly, by using filters. Read mode feature is there to hide menus and panels, and semi transparent tool bar is visible for navigation.
Acrobat X Standard offers enhanced scanning process with OCR, text can be edited and copied for reuse or exported into word or excel formats. It improved the searching options and you can also save your search results in PDF file or desired format. This version improves the quality of PDF creation and sharing. For PDF portfolios it is offering newly designed layouts, visual themes and color palettes, and you can also digitally sign you document.

Best feature is to convert Web Pages into PDF files, keeping links intact. File conversion is feature is improved and now you can make any format file from your PDF document. If we talk about security it is enhanced and it also provides a password security meter to create better passwords with.

You can create, distribute and collect forms using online service with Forms Central feature of Acrobat X Standard. Document sharing and storing features are improved to give you better quality. You can send or store large documents using the services on You are enabled to use work spaces at to send and store documents with individuals or teams outside the organization. So Adobe Acrobat 10 Standard is having all the great features to enable user for quick and easy use of it.

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