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  • Are you using latest security updates with your adobe reader or acrobat reader ? If not download now latest security features for your acrobat reader or adobe reader 9. You can get more info from this link:
    Download Updates

    New Updates released as a part of adobe reader 9 all versions so remove security risk from your adobe reader by updating it.

  • Portable Adobe Reader 9 also available on internet. Portable adobe reader have some advantages & disadvantages. You can download portable adobe reader from our website for free.

    Now we discus adobe reader portable advantages. Big advantage of portable adobe reader is that you can use it with out installation with just one click. An other advantage of portable adobe reader is you can save it in your flash memory and where you want to reader pdf files just attach you usb flash drive and open adobe reader.

    But remember that portable adobe reader will not work completely. Some features of adobe reader will disable in portable adobe reader. Like you cant open pdf files with your internet browser using portable adobe reader you must need to install for this purpose.

    Portable Adobe Reader

  • Linux is a very secure operating system as compare to Microsoft Windows. Linux is totally free for every one but windows is not for free. So many peoples using Linux for save their money and data.

    But there is a big drawback of Linux is that you cant install windows software in Linux.

    I am happy to say that you can install adobe reader also in Linux easily.  Yes ! Adobe Reader also available for Linux operating system.

    You can reader and write pdf files in Linux using adobe reader and acrobat reader.

    Watch given video for help to install adobe reader in Linux

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  • Adobe Reader is an application that enables user to examine, print and share Portable Document Format (PDF) which has become now a standard format for documentation. Professionals and home users rely on Adobe Reader to securely view, assess, print and circulate their PDF documents among others on any hardware and operating system programs. Adobe Reader is also offered for the users of MAC OS (operating system) for providing them convenience for using PDF files.

    Mac operating system is developed by Apple Inc and it was used with apple computer earlier. Reader is designed by keeping compatibility issue in front and with improved stability and bug fixes. Features of Adobe Reader for Mac are advanced according to the Mac operating system working.
    Although compatibility issue is addressed but Adobe Reader for Mac operating system is encountered with some issues in Mac OS 10.7. Particular features of Adobe Reader software demand the Oracle Java run time environment which is not installed by default in Mac but allow voluntary installation of it. If Java run time is not installed then reader may not start or work properly, features of reader might be missing or behave inappropriate, system or application hang or quit, application prompts to install Java run time.

    It is recommended by Adobe to use Mac OS 10.6 till that inspection for these issues is completed and resolved. Adobe provides updates for Mac OS 10.6. Adobe Reader for Mac can be downloaded and Installed freely from web. If Adobe Reader for Mac is already installed then user can look for its update from internet, double click on update file and process of updating the application will be started.

    If you are using Mac operating system and you want to view or print pdf files then don’t worry you can also install adobe reader in mac operating system. Adobe Reader works in mac same like windows and you can install it very easily in mac operating systems.

    Are you worry about adobe reader installation process in mac ?

    There is no difference in adobe reader installation for windows and mac just run adobe reader setup and install it just like windows.

    Download Adobe Reader For Mac

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  • You can install adobe reader in your mobile very easily. For this process you just need a computer, internet and adobe reader mobile version. Just plug your mobile data cable with your computer and transfer adobe reader mobile version into your mobile and install it.

    In other way you can download adobe reader mobile version directly in your mobile using mobile internet. Just connect internet on your mobile and download adobe reader into your mobile and install.

    Android Phone Installation.

    1- Connect Your Wifi

    2- Open Play Store from android apps

    3- Search Adobe Reader from Play Store

    4- Click on Adobe Reader and Download

    5- Gives All Required Permissions

    Your Adobe Reader will be install in phone within 5 to 10 min depend on your internet speed.

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  • Mobile Adobe Reader is released by Adobe to enable users to scrutinize, assess, print and share Portable Document Format (PDF) files using mobiles. PDF is developed by Adobe and it is now extensively used format all around the globe. It was basically developed for PC, Mac and other desktop operating system. People who has to do official work, are moving towards ease in terms of space, time and place too so they shifts from big screens to small screens for doing their tasks even if they are not in the office. There are not only these people but the students are also concerned with this issue in case of making their documents.

    Adobe Reader in iphone (Screen Shoot)

    Mobile phone has become a basic necessity of each person nowadays because it is powerful enough as desktop systems. Mobile phones are compatible with almost all applications and tasks which can be done in desktop systems. Nowadays, most of the documentation is done in PDF format so Mobile Adobe Reader is designed by Adobe system to make it convenient for users to view their PDF documents on their mobiles also. Commercial vendors are focusing to design mobiles with PDF reader inside it because of its frequent use on small screen. The mobile office software developer has a Mobile Adobe Reader application named Adobe Reader LE 2.5.

    By using Mobile Adobe Reader application user can open PDF files on their mobiles to view and manipulate these files with variant features and tools including formatting tools, password protection feature, text annotations, drawing markup, zoom in and out, scroll modes, text searching, bookmarks, use of thumbnails, built in file manager to view all PDFs, print PDFs, email PDFs as attachment and circulate PDF files with others.Mobile Adobe Reader can be downloaded without paying anything and can be installed on mobiles easily which are compatible with PDF Reader.

    Adobe Reader Android (Screen Shoot)

    Adobe Reader available in iPhone and Android mobile version. You can install adobe reader in your any type of smart phone. Some mobiles have installed PDF reader by default. Adobe reader for mobile is really very useful thing you can read pdf file in your mobile you don’t need to transfer file in your computer for view or read.

    In Mobile Adobe Reader you can enjoy many features like zoom option fit to screen option and auto scrolling. Adobe Reader is a high quality PDF viewing for mobile.

    Download Mobile Adobe Reader In Your Mobile Today and Enjoy

  • Adobe has released new updates for their popular pdf reader adobe reader and adobe acrobat. New update versions of these programs are adobe reader 9.4 and adobe acrobat 9.4. In new adobe reader updates fix critical security problems. If you want to protect your computer system from exploits then upgrade adobe versions as soon as possible. You can download Adobe Reader 9 from here for free.

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  • How You Can Edit PDF Files

    Are you trying to modify PDF file but are you know this is not very easy as you think. PDF files are not like text files you cannot edit pdf files like word documents. You must need some specific software for this purpose.

    You can edit PDF files with following methods.

    Free PDF Editor Software:

    There are many Free PDF Editor software are available on internet. You can use these type of software for edit your PDF files.

    Online PDF Editor Websites:

    Some websites are also giving free option to edit PDF files. You can use these websites as PDF editor. Just upload your PDF file on website server and then edit it using your browser. After complete editing you can save your PDF file and download it.

    For Example:

    Commercial software:

    If you are working in commercial sector we recommend you commercial PDF editor software. Adobe Acrobat, Foxit Editor and InFix are commercial PDF editors.

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  • Adobe Reader Lite

    Every advance version software have more options for user. But every user not use all options available in software. Same case we can see in adobe reader and adobe acrobat.

    Adobe launching new version of adobe reader and acrobat every year with more options and attractive graphic interface.

    But every new version is bigger in size and have more running files for operating system.

    If you want to just view PDF file, you can install adobe reader lite version for saving your time and hard disk space.

    Adobe reader lite version is very slow as compare to other pdf reader like foxit reader. Foxit reader can open fast pdf files more the adobe reader lite.

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  • How to convert pdf file into doc file.

    This is really a big issue to open pdf files with out pdf reader.  If some body have not installed pdf reader he cant open pdf file until he use adobe reader or any other pdf reader software.

    But you can also convert pdf file into doc word file. After convert pdf file you can easily reader or write it with ms word.

    You can use different tools to convert pdf file.

    1- Use online web converter “ Pdf to doc

    2- Use Acrobat Reader to convert pdf file

    1- open PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro

    2- Click on File and Then “Save As”

    3- Select Save Type (*.Doc, *.Docx)

    4- Click on Save.

    Your file is now in Doc Format.  You can easily open and edit this file in MS Office.

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