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  • Adobe Acrobat X Standard

    Adobe introduce new version of adobe acrobat reader called Adobe Acrobat X Standard version. There are many extra useful features in Adobe Acrobat X Standard.

    You can get following glowing features in Adobe Acrobat X Standard.

    1-   PDF File Conversion

    2-   Scanning to PDF Files

    3-   HTML to PDF

    4-   Email to PDF

    5-   Export and Edit PDF Files

    6-     Combine Files from Multi Applications

    7-  Data Collection from fillable PDF forums

    8-  Online Documents Reviews

    9-   PDF documents Security

    10-  Search, View and Share PDF Files

    PDF Files Conversion:

    You can easily convert MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) Files into PDF format with just one click. This is very important feature for all professional computer users. Now don’t take tension and just Download Adobe Acroabt X Standard, install it on your system and enjoy this wonderful feature.

    Scanning to PDF Files

    Adobe Acrobat X Standard Version allows you to scan documents with search able text into PDF files.  Just scan your documents with adobe acrobat x and feel free to search contents form your scanned documents.

    HTML to PDF

    Do you want to save any webpage in to PDF file with one click? If you need this type of feature then don’t waste your time on other applications just install adobe acrobat x standard version. You can save any webpage from firefox or internet explorer in PDF file format. This is also possible to make PDF file only selected area contents.

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  • How you can open PDF files In Web Browser

    PDF documents can also be view on the World Wide Web or internet using web browser. Every file on the internet has a unique address called Uniform Resource Locator (URL). You can open online PDF document with help of your web browser by clicking on a URL link. Netscape, FireFox and latest version of Internet Explorer are compatible web browsers for open PDF file on internet.

    When you will open PDF file in your web browser all adobe reader tools are available in web browser. Be sure you have download adobe reader 10 and installed in your computer before opening online PDF files. You can download adobe reader 10 easily from adobe website.

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  • You can get PDF file detail, such as subject, title, security setting some other information ser by document creator. How you can do this lets learn here.

    Just open PDF file in adobe reader 9 or adobe acrobat pro.

    Click on File in menu and then go to Document properties and Summary, you can also select document summary from document pane menu.

    Now you can reader basic information about PDF file like, Subject, title, author and keywords if have been set by file creator.

    You can also change file security and other information by yourself from this window using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

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