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  • You can add interactivity to your PDF files in Acrobat using buttons, links, videos, swf animations (Adobe Flash) and Sounds. Adobe Acrobat X providing this facility in very easy way. Acrobat application have a very user friendly menu for using these all elements in PDF files.

    Follow these steps to add interactivity in PDF files.

    1- Click on Tool Menu

    2- Then Click on “Interactive Objects”

    3- Select your required option from Add Botton – Add Video – Add Sound – Add SWF – Add 3D

    4- Just select which type of interactive object you want to add and make a drag on document to add it.

    This is an example how you can add a button on in PDF file.

    Now if you want to add a video let me explain.

    1- Open Tools Menu

    2- Click on Interactive Objects

    3- Select Add Video option

    Then follow this image. When you will drag your mouse on PDF document you will see a window “insert Video” Just browse your video from your hard drive or insert a URL and then click  Ok.

    You can add all others interactive objects by following same steps.  I hope this tutorial provide you full help for making your PDF files more user friendly and professional. If you have any question please leave a comment.

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  • Adobe Reader 8 was released as an updated version of Adobe Reader 7. The first version of Reader was released on May, 2006 and as improvement required it comes with versions Adobe Reader 8.0, Adobe Reader 8.1.1, Adobe Reader 8.1.2 for better performance and more convenient for users. It is compatible with windows 200, windows XP, windows vista etc.

    Adobe Reader 8 is an application that allow user to view, access, assemble, print, search, share and make secure the Portable Document Format (PDF) files in a better way than before. Using Adobe Reader 8 user has the facility to explore, fill, comment and also submit the PDF forms. User can use a clear form to fill with spell check option on form or can have the auto complete options for the form. It can read any PDF document regardless of computer system specifications.

    Adobe Reader 8 also provides visual aids and magnifier feature for the incapacitate persons for their convenience. The PDF files can be of any type as well as digital audio, video clips and 3D objects, there is no limitation of format, Adobe Reader 8 can assess any of these types and user can move, zoom in, zoom out, and select specific area to examine in the document.

    Adobe Reader 8 is a global standard for presentation and reliable circulation of PDF files. It offers improved and advanced feature than old versions and the speed issue is also treated at some extent. By using Adobe Reader 8 user can use digital signature to sign their documents to keep away from unofficial approach. When user authenticates a digital signature, his identity is certified and signer can share its certification if needed.

    You can still download Adobe Reader 8 Version From Adobe Official Website.

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  • Adobe Reader For Solaris and Linux Operating System

    Adobe Reader for Linux and Solarisis offered with multi language support properties. It is an application to view, assemble, circulate and print the Portable Document Format (PDF) files. PDF is a standard and reliable format for documents to be view and write in. Adobe Reader is only a viewer of PDFs not permits the editing and it is presented to use regardless of operating system on any computer. Adobe Reader for Linux is free software to use and download. Home users and business professionals reliably and easily use it to view, examine, share and print their documents in PDF files. The files can be converted into PDF document from any application regardless of format and can be converted back into originating format from PDF file. For editing options user have to install Acrobat version.

    Several versions of Adobe Reader for Linux OS have released including Adobe Reader 9.3 Linux and Solaris update which addresses unfavorable security susceptibilities and provide more constancy. The update is available in languages including English, French, Japanese and German for Linux and Solaris. The language specified versions also exist. There is not only the Adobe Reader for Linux operating system to read, scrutinize, print and share PDF files but Foxit Reader is also available as a competitor of Adobe Reader. But Adobe Reader works best with the Linux OS.

    To download Adobe Reader for Linux operating system user van go to then select reader and then other versions of it, a new page will be opened having the options to select desired operating system, language and version. User can choose Linux OS, required language and version then click on Download now button the application will start downloading.

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