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  • How to create a signature stamp for PDF documents and forms

    At office, at home or wherever you are; you have to sign many documents or forms while working and obviously it is not simple on computer as well as on paper. So you must have some way to get rid of the old process of printing all the forms you have to sign, then scanning all of them back and converting again in PDF, which consumes lot of time. There is a simple way to do it. For this reason, you can create your signature stamp. It is very simple just a process of make and place. You also don’t need to convert your signature every time when you have to sign forms.

    First of all sign your name on a small piece of white paper and then scan it to your computer (for scanning signature you should have a scanner). Try to avoid extra white area around signature if it is then crop the image after scanning and save it.

    How to convert the signature into a stamp? Open Adobe Acrobat, Click on the comment pane and select annotation panel.  Now from stamp pull down menu select custom stamps>create custom stamp, a small box will be appeared. Click on browse button and find your scanned signature file, select gif format of file and click on ok now give name to your stamp and category for example you can write “Signatures” in category that it will be helpful to find out signature stamps. Now click on ok and stamp is created.

    To place stamp on your form go back to stamp menu and look for the category you have created. Select “Signatures” and choose your signatures and simply place on your form where required. Now resize it and position it as well. You can use this stamp in any kind of documents/forms to sign so you can use your signature stamp in the place of real-world stamp.

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  • Adobe Digital Editions – Epub Reader

    Adobe Digital Editions is specially designed for ebooks and digital publications.  Download Adobe Digital Editions and purchase digital contents.  You can protect your digital publications via password with help of Adobe digital editions software. You can download latest version of Adobe Digital Editions 1.7.2 fro adobe website in different languages.

    You can easily install Epub Reader Add-ons on FireFox.

    Link For Installing This Add-ons

    Epub Extension:

    Are your worry about ebook epub extension and dont know how can you open epub files.  Don’t worry more because you can easily read Epub files with Adobe Digital Editions.

    Top Features of Adobe Digital Editions:

    1- Special Interface Designed For Digital Reading

    2- You can download this software free and fast

    3- Have option for Content portability

    4- Support for online borrowing eBooks and digital publications.


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