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  • If you don’t like to use mouse during your office work then you should know shortcut keys of your software application. Adobe Reader is most important software on the office desk. So here you can learn shortcut keys for Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.

    Adobe Reader Shortcut Keys

    If you don’t like to use mouse during your office work then you should know shortcut keys of your software application. Adobe Reader is most important software on the office desk. So here you can learn shortcut keys for Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.


    Tools Selection Keys
    if you want to select tool with a single keyboard key then please enable it for adobe reader. You need to go Edit -> Preferences -> “Use single-key accelerators to access tools” you can enable here single keys functions.
    Shortcut Keys

    Use “h” and tool
    “V” for selecting tool
    “G” for snapshot tool

    Zoom Shortcut Keys

    Ctrl + & – Zoom in / Zoom out (or ctrl + mouse scroll)
    If you want to fit Zoom to page Press Ctrl+0(zero)
    For 100% Zoom Please Use Press (Ctrl + 1)
    You can fit Zoom with width Press (Ctrl + 2)
    For easy reading you can use reflow option Press (Ctrl + 4)
    Specific Magnification Press ( Ctrl+Y)

    Navigation Shortcut Keys

    For Up and Down Scrolling Press ( Arrow Up & Arrow Down)
    For Screen Jumping One Screen Up and one Screen Down Press (Page Up & Page Down)
    Jump to Start and Jump to End use Press ( Home/End) Keys
    Jump one page down / one page up Press ( Ctrl + Page Down / Ctrl + Page Up)
    If you want to go any specific page (n) then use Press ( Ctrl + Shift + (Specific Number) )
    You can enable and disable auto scrolling option Press ( Ctrl + Shift + H )

    View Changing Shortcut Keys

    Rotate page clockwise  Press (Ctrl + Shift + [ + ] )
    For Page Counter Clockwise Press ( Ctrl + Shift + – )
    You can enable and disable reading mode Press ( Ctrl + H)
    Full Screen Mode enable and disable Press ( Ctrl + L)
    You can show and hide navigation with (F4)
    Show and Hide Toolbar Press (F8)
    Show and hide menu toolbar Press (F9)

    Search, Find and Select Shortcut Keys

    Open Find Box Press (Ctrl + F)
    For all selection Press (Ctrl + A)
    You can deselect all ( Ctrl + Shift + A)
    Acrobat Features Shortcut Keys

    View Documents Properties Press (Ctrl +D)
    Save a File copy Press ( Ctrl + Shift + S)
    Printing Page Menu Press ( Ctrl + P)
    Print Setup Menu Press ( Ctrl + Shift + P)
    For File Open Press ( Ctrl + O)
    Close current PDF documents Press (Ctrl + W)
    For Exit All PDF Documents (Ctrl + Q)
    Open Access Preferences ( Ctrl + K)

    The Rest Shortcut Keys
    Cascase all windows Press (Ctrl + Shift + J)
    Tile all windows horizontally Press (Ctrl + Shift + K)
    For Tile all windows vertically Press (Ctrl + Shift + L)
    For Changing  Accessibility Reading Options Press  (Ctrl + Shift + 5)
    Accessibility Quick Check Press  (Ctrl + Shift + 6)

    All above shortcut keys really very helpful for you if you spend more time on PDF documents and Adobe Reader. You can get fully control on Adobe Acrobat by using these shortcuts.

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  • Portable Document format (PDF) files are used as a rich quality of document with text, graphics, links and digital signatures, and to share information electronically among others.

    .PDF Files Examples. ( A Book in .PDF Format)


    For PDF Files to read and write variety of application are available. Adobe Reader is used to view, print and share PDF files. The files cannot be edited through the Reader. For editing purpose Adobe Acrobat is used. Although Adobe is called parent of PDF but anyone can create application to read or write PDF files without paying to adobe because it is royalty free. Sometime user complaints that they cannot open the PDF files on their computer but most of the time files are not corrupted but this happens due to problem in user’s computer system. PDF files can only be viewed by the Reader which is .pdf files supportive.

    PDF File Screen Shoot
    pdf_file 1

    Some applications are available which make it possible to convert other format files into PDF files and PDF files into other format files. PDF files can be converted into word, excel, image with the PDF converter. The other document type like word, excel and image can also be converted into PDF files with the PDF converter. Other format files can converted back to PDF using all to PDF converter. There is a limitation that only printable files can be converted the non printable files cannot be converted into PDF.

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  • Adobe Reader For Solaris and Linux Operating System

    Adobe Reader for Linux and Solarisis offered with multi language support properties. It is an application to view, assemble, circulate and print the Portable Document Format (PDF) files. PDF is a standard and reliable format for documents to be view and write in. Adobe Reader is only a viewer of PDFs not permits the editing and it is presented to use regardless of operating system on any computer. Adobe Reader for Linux is free software to use and download. Home users and business professionals reliably and easily use it to view, examine, share and print their documents in PDF files. The files can be converted into PDF document from any application regardless of format and can be converted back into originating format from PDF file. For editing options user have to install Acrobat version.

    Several versions of Adobe Reader for Linux OS have released including Adobe Reader 9.3 Linux and Solaris update which addresses unfavorable security susceptibilities and provide more constancy. The update is available in languages including English, French, Japanese and German for Linux and Solaris. The language specified versions also exist. There is not only the Adobe Reader for Linux operating system to read, scrutinize, print and share PDF files but Foxit Reader is also available as a competitor of Adobe Reader. But Adobe Reader works best with the Linux OS.

    To download Adobe Reader for Linux operating system user van go to then select reader and then other versions of it, a new page will be opened having the options to select desired operating system, language and version. User can choose Linux OS, required language and version then click on Download now button the application will start downloading.

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  • Adobe SendNow to share track files with co-workers and colleagues without sending huge email attachments back and forth. Open the document in Acrobat that you want to share with someone else. Now click on Share panel, you will have two options to send document one Use Adobe SendNow Online and the other one is Attach to Email to attach files to your email. Click on Use Adobe SendNow Online, if you want to add more files click on Add Files to add. Now you can type the email address of whom you want to send the file and write subject title.
    You can also add message with file, type the message in given text area. To get delivery receipts to make sure whether the file is delivered or not, click on Get delivery receipts option. You can limit the time for your document to be downloadable and click on Send Link button.

    Acrobat tells you when the sending process completes. You can also view and track the files you have sent to others. Click on the option View and Track Sent file given on completion of sending process. Adobe SendNow window will open, you can view sent files from Sent Files area. You can also check for received files in Received Files area and can send more files from Send Files area.

    You can see details for the sent or received files by clicking on files. If you will click a sent file you will see complete information about it such as who is the sender file, who receives it and on which date it is sent. Here are tools given on top left of Sent Files to forward the file to share with others, to download file, and to delete files. From SendNow menu you can use the online other services available for Adobe.

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  • Portable Document Format (PDF) is now become a standard format for writing documents around the globe. PDF was presented by Adobe which has now offered variant software to read and edit PDFs. Adobe Reader is used to assess, publish and share the PDFs and free to download and install from numerous websites on internet. For Adobe Reader Installation user can visit adobe’s official website from where .exe file of adobe reader is directly downloaded. Once .exe file is downloaded the Adobe Reader installation process will be started automatically by clicking on .exe file of application. Now user has to follow the given instruction for installation to complete.

    There is not a single method for Adobe Reader Installation; different websites are offering free downloading of it. Adobe Reader Installation process is finished in two steps, firstly you have to download the installer and then download .exe file of adobe Reader. If you kept it on desktop then double click on it. If saved in specific folder then open the directory where you have saved the downloaded file and double click on it. The setup will start Adobe Reader Installation on your system. Before using the application you have to restart your computer system. Adobe Reader updates are also available free of cost on internet.

    You can check update by opening adobe reader and check for updates; a window on left side will be opened to show the results of available updates. User can choose, download and install the updates. These updates are presented with advance features to avoid dangerous virus attacks on application. The updates can only be installed if Adobe Reader application is already installed on your system.

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  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is an application that is used for working with portable document format files (pdf). PDF is a computer file which may contain images, hyperlinks and words. Adobe developed the pdf format and the Acrobat Reader software to allow people to use them. These documents end with .pdf extension. Usually pdf files are created in Adobe Acrobat software. To open pdf files there is a need of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Once acrobat reader is installed it should automatically start the program and make the file viewable.

    Adobe systems developed a family of application software to view, manipulate, create, print and manage files in pdf. All family members of adobe are commercial software but Acrobat Reader is available as freeware and can be downloaded from Adobe’s website.

    If you do not access to the download site of Adobe, you can download Acrobat Reader from another webpage. To download acrobat reader visit the Adobe website, select your preferred language and operating system requirements (Windows XP, Windows NT, etc), click the “Download” to download the player in your computer, Install the drive on your computer, and use it to view a document .Pdf.

    Acrobat Reader has features including copying text, printing, scrolling, searching and acrobat help. To copy text, select the “Text Tool” and use it to highlight text to be copied. The copied material can then be pasted into other program. To search specific words anywhere in the document use the “Find feature of Reader. For scrolling the “Grabber Hand” allows you to move a page up or down, left or right. Scroll bars for the page, bookmarks, and thumbnails let you move through the document quickly.

    Acrobat Reader has many features besides those discussed here; the online guide provides information on those features plus additional information about topics already discussed.

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  • Adobe Reader X 10.1.1

    Adobe release new version of adobe reader called adobe reader x 10.1.1 with more useful features. Adobe reader 10.1.1 is faster then old versions of adobe reader. Adobe reader 10.1.1 also have more security protection. You can download it from adobe website in different languages for free.  You will also get Mcafee security scan plus with adobe reader 10.1.1, but its optional if you don’t want to download it just unchecked this option and download adobe reader.

    Systems Requirements for Adobe Reader X 10.1.1

    CPU required 1.3 Ghz and minimum ram required 256 MB in your system for adobe reader installation.

    If you need to use adobe reader in all languages you can download languages update for adobe reader from adobe website. After installation of languages updates you can enjoy adobe reader in all languages.

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  • How you can open PDF files In Web Browser

    PDF documents can also be view on the World Wide Web or internet using web browser. Every file on the internet has a unique address called Uniform Resource Locator (URL). You can open online PDF document with help of your web browser by clicking on a URL link. Netscape, FireFox and latest version of Internet Explorer are compatible web browsers for open PDF file on internet.

    When you will open PDF file in your web browser all adobe reader tools are available in web browser. Be sure you have download adobe reader 10 and installed in your computer before opening online PDF files. You can download adobe reader 10 easily from adobe website.

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  • You can get PDF file detail, such as subject, title, security setting some other information ser by document creator. How you can do this lets learn here.

    Just open PDF file in adobe reader 9 or adobe acrobat pro.

    Click on File in menu and then go to Document properties and Summary, you can also select document summary from document pane menu.

    Now you can reader basic information about PDF file like, Subject, title, author and keywords if have been set by file creator.

    You can also change file security and other information by yourself from this window using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

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  • Adobe reader 10 is free for windows mobile phones.  Adobe reader is really very useful software for mobile users.  Mobile users can open and reader PDF files with adobe reader 10,  this software is very easy to use in windows mobile.

    User can zoom pdf file with help of adobe reader  in his/her mobile. Adobe reader also have landscape option for mobile users.

    If you are using windows mobile for your business then you must install adobe reader 10 for quick  view of pdf files.

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