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  • A very exciting new capability of Acrobat X is its very nice integration with Microsoft SharePoint and office 365. In the past when you work with PDF files that stored in document SharePoint library, you would have to manually check out, download, upload and check back in those files.

    Now with Acrobat X you can open PDF file directly by clicking it from your browser, Acrobat will not only open but ask you if you want to check the file before opening with Check Out & Open file options. Now view the file, if you want to change anything in file then choose options from Content panel in Comment panel. In acrobat you are having many options for editing Text and file objects and adding or editing interactive objects. You can also add bookmark or attach a file to your document.

    Acrobat Integration With SharePoint and Office 365

    1- Open Acrobat X and Click on “Open”

    2- Now you will find a new window for file opening, select “new account” from the drop down menu as showing in screen shoot.

    3- Now you have two option, You want to use  Office 365 or SharePoint, Select one of them and use your login information for integration.

    4- After successful integration you will be able to open and edit file directly in acrobat. You can edit PDF file completely just like you are editing a file from your hard drive.

    Acrobat makes your office work very easy  and short, it is really a very professional application with a lot of useful options.  So buy it from adobe and make you job easy.

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  • You can compare two versions of the same document using Adobe Acrobat X Pro. To compare two documents select view menu, click on Compare Documents command, dialog opens where you can chose old document with which you want to compare the new  document.

    Now first choose your old document from your hard drive and then choose old document. You can also compare selective pages from both documents by giving page rang showing in above screen shoot.

    Now please select what type of documents you are going to compare. There are three options

    1- Reports, Spreadsheets, Magazine layouts

    2- Presentation Decks, Drawings or illustrations

    3- Scanned Documents

    Select one option and Click Ok.

    Acrobat will open the new document with compare panel opened on the left hand side. The top portion of panel displays the thumbnails or report. Which summarizes the differences between the files and the blue hyperlinks will navigate you to the original file.
    If you click any hyperlink it will show you the original pages with highlighting the changes area. If you click on highlighted area or text it will pop up to tell you that what is changed. The Color Legend on the top right side indicates that what color used for inserting, deleting, replacing and moving colors.

    The icons below the pages shows that something has changed associated with page, purple arrow indicates pages for change and green arrows indicates changes for move. If there is not any icon below the page it indicates that nothing has been changed in this page.
    The bottom portion of the panel is the dynamic thumbnail of the old page. This allows you to see what the older version look like even you are still in the new document. If there is any blue mark on the page it means that new page is inserted.
    You can also view documents side by side, by selecting the command Show Documents Side by side under the pull down tab. It layout two documents side by side and synchronize the pages as you move through the documents and you can easily compare these.

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  • You can add interactivity to your PDF files in Acrobat using buttons, links, videos, swf animations (Adobe Flash) and Sounds. Adobe Acrobat X providing this facility in very easy way. Acrobat application have a very user friendly menu for using these all elements in PDF files.

    Follow these steps to add interactivity in PDF files.

    1- Click on Tool Menu

    2- Then Click on “Interactive Objects”

    3- Select your required option from Add Botton – Add Video – Add Sound – Add SWF – Add 3D

    4- Just select which type of interactive object you want to add and make a drag on document to add it.

    This is an example how you can add a button on in PDF file.

    Now if you want to add a video let me explain.

    1- Open Tools Menu

    2- Click on Interactive Objects

    3- Select Add Video option

    Then follow this image. When you will drag your mouse on PDF document you will see a window “insert Video” Just browse your video from your hard drive or insert a URL and then click  Ok.

    You can add all others interactive objects by following same steps.  I hope this tutorial provide you full help for making your PDF files more user friendly and professional. If you have any question please leave a comment.

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  • Create PDF Portfolio Using Acrobat X

    You can create a professional PDF portfolio with elegant layout using Adobe Acrobat x.  You have a lot of tools and layouts in acrobat for making a dashing portfolio document.

    Let me explain step by step complete process.

    1- Open Adobe Acrobat X and Click on “Create PDF Portfolio” (You can also select this option from top menu, Click Create and Select PDF Portfolio) A window will be open like this.

    2- Now select a layout best suitable  for your PDF portfolio. You can also import custom layout by clicking on it.

    3- Add you portfolio documents and Photos in layout

    4- If you want to change your portfolio layout style use right side menu “Portfolio Layouts”. There are many style available like Click-Through, Freeform, Grid, Linear, Wave. Choose one of them and see live effect on left side on your PDF file.
    Follow This Screen Shoot

    5- If you want to change color of your select layout just click on “Color Palettes” under the “Portfolio Layouts”. Here you will find a good range of color schemes.

    5- You can also change your layout theme style by using “Visual Themes” menu.

    You can see here many themes styles, Clean, Spring, Tech Office, Modern, Translucent and an option for import custom theme you will use it when you need to import your own style.

    6- Background option also available under the “Color Palettes”. If you just need to change color of your portfolio then use this option. You can also add an image on the background by using this tool.

    7- One big thing is remaining font and card size. Yes you can change it by using “Portfolio Properties”

    When you feel your PDF portfolio is ready just save it on your hard drive (Click on File menu then “PDF Portfolio”)and share with your team and clients.

    Edit and Customize PDF Portfolio

    1- Just open your PDF Portfolio in Adobe Acrobat and click on edit button

    2- Now all option will show on right side menu and follow all above options which we mentioned for creating a New Portfolio.

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  • How To Remove sensitive information like MetaData, Attachments, Comments, Digital Signature, Java Scripts, Links Actions etc.

    To remove sensitive information including metadata, attachments, comments, digital signature, deleted content, overlapping objects, links etc you can use a tool with the name “Remove Hidden Information” in Adobe Acrobat. You need to remove information if you need to comply with regulations or if you are going to publish any file online you want to remove any personal information like who created the file and date when it was created.

    You can do it by selection the Remove Hidden Information Tool from Protection panel in Tools panel.

    When you click it you can see the panel on left hand side with having results of what data from document is being removed.

    You can click the items to see the details and deselect any item if you don’t want to remove that item.

    After taking a review of removing items click on Remove button. Acrobat will tell you that what items are being removed now click OK and it’s done. But changes will not apply to document until you save the file. If you will close the document Acrobat will prompt you whether to save it with removing items or not.

    If you always want to remove information then go on Preferences, select Documents. In Hidden Information section you are having option whether to Remove Hidden Information when closing document or Remove Hidden Information when sending document by email.

    When you will check these options, Acrobat will auto remove hidden information when you will close a document or email any PDF file.

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  • As you can make your page interactive by adding bookmarks, links and buttons using Acrobat X Pro you can also add multimedia files to your document in the same way. To add rich media in your files go to the Tools pane, then click Content to open options and from Add or Edit Interactive Objects you can select Multimedia option.

    You will see you are having options to select the kind of media is such as video, sound, SWP file or 3D. Click one of the given options for example if you choose video tool and go to part of document and select it where you want to add the video.

    You will prompt to add file now and Insert Video dialog will open. You can also customize advanced options if you click on Show Advanced Options you will have activation, appearance and poster image setting in launch section. Controls section has Playback Controls setting for it and video section contains Chapter Points to set. Choose a file and click OK.

    The video is added and you will see it is not of same size as your selected area for video. You can position it on specifies area and can resize its window size. When you will play the video you will have many option, you can also view it in full screen mode.

    To add a sound file in the document go to the Tools pane, then click Content to open options and from Add or Edit Interactive Objects, select Multimedia and choose Sound and drag it on selected page. Now you will ask to choose the sound file which you want to play here.

    You can customize advanced options for Activation, Appearance and Poster Image settings, customize the settings and then browse and select the desired sound track, and then click OK. Now move on next or previous page and then again open the page where you added sound, and sound will triggered. In the same way you can add flash content in your document.

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  • Manipulating pages in PDF is not difficult task now. Open the page or document you want to manipulate. The basics of Manipulating PDF pages are here; go to the tools pane and click Pages panel to reveal options. Here you will see lot of options to work with your pages.

    If you want to rotate the page click on Rotate option and you will ask to select the direction of rotation. Select the direction and page range from which you can also select all the pages of document or only the current page to rotate. Now click OK and you will see your page is rotated. For temporarily changing the view of page click the view menu, click on Rotate View and select the direction you want the current page to rotate in.

    To delete a page simply click the Delete tool under Pages panel and you will prompt to select the range of pages you want to delete, and then click OK. You can also use pages navigations or bookmarks, move on the page directly that you want to delete and then click on Delete tool to remove that. You can also do this by pressing Delete key from your keyboard.

    You can also extract pages from document with Extract tool to use pages in one PDF document into other PDF document. You can leave the extracted pages in original document or you can remove them from the document. If you want to crop the page, select the page area to crop and click Crop tool in Pages panel which is used to crop the page from your selected area of page.

    You can also split the document with using Split Document tool under Pages panel. Open the document you want to split click on the tool, customize the setting of number of pages, file size and click OK.

    In Insert Pages section you can insert pages from file, click on it and select the pages and click select you have done it. You can also insert from clipboard, scanner and from web page using More Insert Options.

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  • In this tutorial we will learn how you can track your review in Adobe Acrobat Pro.
    With the help of reviews tool in adobe acrobat you can shared your pdf files with other people to get there comments and markups about your PDF documents. You can also invite someone to make a review on your PDF file. When you will start or join a PDF file review you can manage other people response by using “Tracker tool”

    You can check tracker status from Comment > Track Review

    When you will click on Track Reviews you will find a new window with the name “Tracker” In this window you can see two parts, one on the left side with menu and other on the right which showing complete detail regarding each particular sub menu.

    How to Start a Review on PDF File

    If you want to create new shared review please follow these steps.

    1-     Click on “Latest Updates” from left side menu

    2-     Now you can select an option from “Create a Shared Review” or “Create an Email-based Review”

    3-     Click on “Create a Shared Review”

    4-     Browse a PDF file (You want to share for reviews)

    5-     Select on option from drop down menu “How do you to collect comments from your reviews”

    6-     I will prefer “Automatically collect comments on my own internal server” and then click on “Next”

    7-     Now please give a path of a network folder where you want to collect comments.

    8-     Write an email address for sending file and click on “Send” You can also use CC if you want to send file more then one persons.

    Its done.

    How to Check Response on Reviews

    1-     Click on “Sent” under review menu in left side of “Tracker” window. Here you can find response on your PDF files. You will see all comments and timing on the right side of this window.

    2-     If you want to check response on other user PDF file (Shared with you) Just click on “Joined”

    If you have any question or facing any problem in this process you can discuss in comments.


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  • How to Protect PDF Documents

    You can protect you document against unauthorized access and it is a very important for documents today. Acrobat offers protection to your documents and make them secure from unauthorized access.

    Protection can be applied to PDF files, portfolios or to attachments of files to either restrict the ability to open a file or just block the ability to printing, commenting and content extraction. All PDF documents protection relies on encryption using either a password or digital certificate. To encrypt a file click on Tools pane, then select Protection panel to open the options. Now click on Encrypt to show drop down list of message and preset profiles available. Select Encrypt with Certificate and customize general setting. Select option to choose which components of document to be encrypted. Now click Next and make sure that you have included your own certificate. Now click on Browse to add the recipients and you can set permission for each individual recipient. Now click Next and then click Finish. Setting are remembered but not still applied. These setting will apply when you save your document. If you have changed your mind and you want to remove the current settings and apply the new settings, then click on Encrypt from Protection panel and click on Remove. Now reset the document.

    Password based Encryption is the most commonly used encryption method that is widely supported in non Adobe software too. It does not need any advance knowledge anyone who knows the password can open and view the file. The Setting dialog for password security includes numbers of important changes. Select the compatibility level, and there are two ways to protect the files. You can apply and open password or you can restrict editing or printing of document and add password for permissions. After customizing the setting click OK and you will prompt to re-enter the password. Now click on File menu and select Save As to save file, now select the file type and now type the name of file, click Save. The security is applied and you will see on window title SECURED word is added.

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  • You can create PDFs from Web browsers. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, there is a button Convert on top left corner of page, for converting the web pages into other formats. Here are options to Convert Web Page to Adobe PDF, Add Web Page to Existing PDF, Print Web Page, Convert Web Page and Email etc.

    Click on Convert>Preferences, select conversion settings for the file, click on drop down menu under File Type and select whether to make Text or HTML file. You can customize more option by clicking on Setting button, here are options including input encoding setting, language Specific Font Settings, Default color and Other Settings. If there is any multimedia content in the page and you don’t want to convert it then click on Multimedia Content from Other setting section and select Disable multimedia capture. You can choose embed multimedia content when possible, if it is possible it will embed if not then it will not embed, which is bad. You can also choose Reference multimedia content by URL and it will allow multimedia content in there. After customizing settings click OK.

    Now from Web Page Conversion Setting dialog box, open Page Layout, customize setting for page look, and click OK.

    Now click on button Convert, Convert dialog box will open, select desired destination folder to save file, type name of file in edit box, and click Save. Now open this file in Acrobat you will see all the content of page are there. If there is any video in web page it is working in the PDF file too.

    If you are using internet explorer, there is a bit difference, you have to click Select button beside convert button and select the area of page to be converted. The selected areas will be marked as blue. Now click on Convert button and save file. It will successfully convert but only the selected areas are converted. So it is not a complicated process abut very simple to do in just one click. Now try it by yourself and enjoy conversion from of WebPages to PDF.

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