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  • Portable Document format (PDF) files are used as a rich quality of document with text, graphics, links and digital signatures, and to share information electronically among others.

    .PDF Files Examples. ( A Book in .PDF Format)


    For PDF Files to read and write variety of application are available. Adobe Reader is used to view, print and share PDF files. The files cannot be edited through the Reader. For editing purpose Adobe Acrobat is used. Although Adobe is called parent of PDF but anyone can create application to read or write PDF files without paying to adobe because it is royalty free. Sometime user complaints that they cannot open the PDF files on their computer but most of the time files are not corrupted but this happens due to problem in user’s computer system. PDF files can only be viewed by the Reader which is .pdf files supportive.

    PDF File Screen Shoot
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    Some applications are available which make it possible to convert other format files into PDF files and PDF files into other format files. PDF files can be converted into word, excel, image with the PDF converter. The other document type like word, excel and image can also be converted into PDF files with the PDF converter. Other format files can converted back to PDF using all to PDF converter. There is a limitation that only printable files can be converted the non printable files cannot be converted into PDF.

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  • Adobe Reader 8 was released as an updated version of Adobe Reader 7. The first version of Reader was released on May, 2006 and as improvement required it comes with versions Adobe Reader 8.0, Adobe Reader 8.1.1, Adobe Reader 8.1.2 for better performance and more convenient for users. It is compatible with windows 200, windows XP, windows vista etc.

    Adobe Reader 8 is an application that allow user to view, access, assemble, print, search, share and make secure the Portable Document Format (PDF) files in a better way than before. Using Adobe Reader 8 user has the facility to explore, fill, comment and also submit the PDF forms. User can use a clear form to fill with spell check option on form or can have the auto complete options for the form. It can read any PDF document regardless of computer system specifications.

    Adobe Reader 8 also provides visual aids and magnifier feature for the incapacitate persons for their convenience. The PDF files can be of any type as well as digital audio, video clips and 3D objects, there is no limitation of format, Adobe Reader 8 can assess any of these types and user can move, zoom in, zoom out, and select specific area to examine in the document.

    Adobe Reader 8 is a global standard for presentation and reliable circulation of PDF files. It offers improved and advanced feature than old versions and the speed issue is also treated at some extent. By using Adobe Reader 8 user can use digital signature to sign their documents to keep away from unofficial approach. When user authenticates a digital signature, his identity is certified and signer can share its certification if needed.

    You can still download Adobe Reader 8 Version From Adobe Official Website.

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  • Adobe Reader 7 is an updated version of Adobe Reader and it was initially released in December, 2004 to detach the problems come to pass in its older versions. Many software releases of this software such as Adobe Reader 7.0, Adobe Reader  7.05, Adobe Reader  7.07, Adobe Reader  7.08, Adobe Reader  7.09 and the last update was 7.1.0 come in the software market by different releasing dates due to consistent development in the software to make it modest and easier to use. There are many older versions available but Adobe Reader 7 is faster than previous versions of it. Adobe Reader 7 is having all the feature that old version offered with renovation of problems that rose in old versions. It is not the latest version, many other version have released with the improvement in development.

    Adobe Reader 7 is used for PDF (Portable Document Format) files and just allow the viewing the files cannot be altered. With Adobe Reader 7 user can enjoy PDF files manipulation because it gives a simple and interactive interface for user ease. PDF files can be viewed, copied, digitally signed and shared electronically among people on web and do much more with PDF files using assessable and integrative features of Reader. The use of fonts, comments, notes and form make it more vibrant. Adobe Reader 7 provides additional language support and if required fonts are not installed then installation of language font kit is prompted because Reader gives the updates about any upgrading feature.

    Adobe Reader 7 give a hand to the incapacitate persons like sightless, low vision or suppleness deficiency so that these persons can read, assemble, print, design and fill forms also. Adobe Reader 7 is compatible and can run with home, professional or tablet PC editions regardless of any operating system requirement. It can be used for Apple Mac OS, Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP.

    Download Adobe Reader 7

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  • How To View PDF Files

    PDF viewer application was launched to interpret, hunt, assemble and print the PDF document which ends with .pdf extension and very modest way of presenting information and circulation of it. PDF files are used to display a PDF viewer as its name suggested provides the facility to view and manipulate PDFs but not to modify or alter the PDFs. Viewer facilitate user with superb features to handle the accessibility of PDF document and very simple and comprehensible interface to interact. It also provides more security for those users who can use it for official use and prevent their data or information of PDFs from illegal access. The signed PDF files through PDF viewer can only be seen if the user is licensed or authorized to read it.

    PDF viewer is available free of cost on internet and can be easily downloaded. Numbers of version of viewer are available additional plug-ins and latest features.

    Adobe Reader is well known and best PDF viewer which is in use these days. It is not just Adobe many of other software have released for this purpose such as skim, preview etc but one of the best is Adobe Reader with a rich, vibrant result of PDF files.

    PDF viewer is not only a desktop application that for using it u have to download it, online PDF viewers are also present on the web which helps the user to instantly view the required PDF files and saves their time. It has latest features to aid incapacitate people who can’t read easily because of being visionless or disable. As it is providing ease, users are having some problem in these viewers but it is not the big issue because of consistent improving software technology and development.

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  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is an application that is used for working with portable document format files (pdf). PDF is a computer file which may contain images, hyperlinks and words. Adobe developed the pdf format and the Acrobat Reader software to allow people to use them. These documents end with .pdf extension. Usually pdf files are created in Adobe Acrobat software. To open pdf files there is a need of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Once acrobat reader is installed it should automatically start the program and make the file viewable.

    Adobe systems developed a family of application software to view, manipulate, create, print and manage files in pdf. All family members of adobe are commercial software but Acrobat Reader is available as freeware and can be downloaded from Adobe’s website.

    If you do not access to the download site of Adobe, you can download Acrobat Reader from another webpage. To download acrobat reader visit the Adobe website, select your preferred language and operating system requirements (Windows XP, Windows NT, etc), click the “Download” to download the player in your computer, Install the drive on your computer, and use it to view a document .Pdf.

    Acrobat Reader has features including copying text, printing, scrolling, searching and acrobat help. To copy text, select the “Text Tool” and use it to highlight text to be copied. The copied material can then be pasted into other program. To search specific words anywhere in the document use the “Find feature of Reader. For scrolling the “Grabber Hand” allows you to move a page up or down, left or right. Scroll bars for the page, bookmarks, and thumbnails let you move through the document quickly.

    Acrobat Reader has many features besides those discussed here; the online guide provides information on those features plus additional information about topics already discussed.

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