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  • How to Add Interactivity to PDF Files

    You can add interactivity to your PDF files in Acrobat using buttons, links, videos, swf animations (Adobe Flash) and Sounds. Adobe Acrobat X providing this facility in very easy way. Acrobat application have a very user friendly menu for using these all elements in PDF files.

    Follow these steps to add interactivity in PDF files.

    1- Click on Tool Menu

    2- Then Click on “Interactive Objects”

    3- Select your required option from Add Botton – Add Video – Add Sound – Add SWF – Add 3D

    4- Just select which type of interactive object you want to add and make a drag on document to add it.

    This is an example how you can add a button on in PDF file.

    Now if you want to add a video let me explain.

    1- Open Tools Menu

    2- Click on Interactive Objects

    3- Select Add Video option

    Then follow this image. When you will drag your mouse on PDF document you will see a window “insert Video” Just browse your video from your hard drive or insert a URL and then click  Ok.

    You can add all others interactive objects by following same steps.  I hope this tutorial provide you full help for making your PDF files more user friendly and professional. If you have any question please leave a comment.

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