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  • How You Can Enable Comments Option in Adobe Reader 10 or Adobe Reader 9

    Yes! You can enable comments option in adobe reader 9 with few clicks. Commenting option allow you to make comments on PDF Document in adobe reader. But one question is still in mind that how we can add comments on PDF file.

    Follow these steps for Enable Commenting option.

    1- Select Document

    2- Click on Enable for Commenting and Analysis In Adobe Reader

    When you will make active this option adobe reader will present you a warning box with text file editing will be Restricted. Then a save window box opens, you must re-save your PDF file. Now save the adobe reader active file with a new name and new location on your hard disk.

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  • How can you create an object in Adobe Acrobat pro, Like Link, form filed or image can b add with appropriate tool, or you can select with object tool. Touch Mode object tool can also be use for this work. You can import content as part of the document, like text, images and multimedia objects.

    Step 1.  Right Click on Tool Bar and Active Touch Mode

    You can also  find Touch Mode  object tool in Touch Mode sub toolbar of the advanced editing toolbar, its really very useful when you are organizing content on a PDF page.

    Step 2. Click on Touch Mode Tool For Active it

    For example if you have added new text to a PDF file and need to shuffle the location of the following text, you can use the Touch Mode object tool to select text and drag it to a new location on the page of PDF file.

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