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  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is an application that is used for working with portable document format files (pdf). PDF is a computer file which may contain images, hyperlinks and words. Adobe developed the pdf format and the Acrobat Reader software to allow people to use them. These documents end with .pdf extension. Usually pdf files are created in Adobe Acrobat software. To open pdf files there is a need of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Once acrobat reader is installed it should automatically start the program and make the file viewable.

    Adobe systems developed a family of application software to view, manipulate, create, print and manage files in pdf. All family members of adobe are commercial software but Acrobat Reader is available as freeware and can be downloaded from Adobe’s website.

    If you do not access to the download site of Adobe, you can download Acrobat Reader from another webpage. To download acrobat reader visit the Adobe website, select your preferred language and operating system requirements (Windows XP, Windows NT, etc), click the “Download” to download the player in your computer, Install the drive on your computer, and use it to view a document .Pdf.

    Acrobat Reader has features including copying text, printing, scrolling, searching and acrobat help. To copy text, select the “Text Tool” and use it to highlight text to be copied. The copied material can then be pasted into other program. To search specific words anywhere in the document use the “Find feature of Reader. For scrolling the “Grabber Hand” allows you to move a page up or down, left or right. Scroll bars for the page, bookmarks, and thumbnails let you move through the document quickly.

    Acrobat Reader has many features besides those discussed here; the online guide provides information on those features plus additional information about topics already discussed.

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  • Adobe Digital Editions – Epub Reader

    Adobe Digital Editions is specially designed for ebooks and digital publications.  Download Adobe Digital Editions and purchase digital contents.  You can protect your digital publications via password with help of Adobe digital editions software. You can download latest version of Adobe Digital Editions 1.7.2 fro adobe website in different languages.

    You can easily install Epub Reader Add-ons on FireFox.

    Link For Installing This Add-ons

    Epub Extension:

    Are your worry about ebook epub extension and dont know how can you open epub files.  Don’t worry more because you can easily read Epub files with Adobe Digital Editions.

    Top Features of Adobe Digital Editions:

    1- Special Interface Designed For Digital Reading

    2- You can download this software free and fast

    3- Have option for Content portability

    4- Support for online borrowing eBooks and digital publications.


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    Adobe Reader App free available for android mobile operating system. Adobe reader app has many useful features for mobile users. After installing adobe reader app in your mobile phone you can take fast view of PDF file direct from email and web browsers.

    Adobe Reader App Features:

    1- View PDF files
    You can quickly view PDF files from your internet web browser, email or your device. PDF app also supports PDF Packages, PDF Portfolios and markups.

    2- Open Password Protected Files
    Adobe Reader Android App can also view access encrypted PDF files. Its mean you can view Password secure PDF files in your mobile by giving required password.

    3- PDF files internal options:
    You can search text from PDF files.
    There is also bookmarks option available for PDF files.
    Adobe Reader Android App has easy zoom option for users.
    Copy Text from PDF files by using mobile clip board is a great option in new App.

    4- Sharing Option:
    User can share PDF files from mobile or tablet via other apps and can use email attachment option.

    Available languages:
    English, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Swedish, Czech, Polish Russian,  and Turkish.

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