Acrobat offers a new feature of guided actions which allows you to perform multi step tasks into a single action at once rather than performing each small action for every page you can apply it to whole document. It will save lot of your time.
Start by opening Action wizard, you can create new actions with option Create New Action option and can edit existing actions with edit action option. There are seven pre-installed actions to help you to save time and standardize processes by automating routine multi step tasks.
Actions can be applied to a single file or you can point the action at a folder of files. If you want to create a new action, click on Create New Action, select where acrobat will access the files to use. Click on drop down menu under Start with and select the option whether you want to use scanned document directly, the currently opened file or file save din computer.

Now select steps to perform action. Pages panel on the left side corner will reveal the options for editing your page such as Adding or removing header & footer, Adding removing Watermark etc. Content panel reveals the options to attach files, create comment summary, delete all comments, add document description etc. You can set how the document process, click on Document Processing panel, you can reduce file size or page transitions etc. You can encrypt your document from Protection panel.

Now save the file and you are having options for this also whether you want to make changes to original document or to keep original document too. You can file in another format and with new name and it will be a separate file from original file. Click Save button, enter Action name and Add description if you like, click Save and you will see the action in Actions section of Action wizard panel.

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