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  • As you can make your page interactive by adding bookmarks, links and buttons using Acrobat X Pro you can also add multimedia files to your document in the same way. To add rich media in your files go to the Tools pane, then click Content to open options and from Add or Edit Interactive Objects you can select Multimedia option.

    You will see you are having options to select the kind of media is such as video, sound, SWP file or 3D. Click one of the given options for example if you choose video tool and go to part of document and select it where you want to add the video.

    You will prompt to add file now and Insert Video dialog will open. You can also customize advanced options if you click on Show Advanced Options you will have activation, appearance and poster image setting in launch section. Controls section has Playback Controls setting for it and video section contains Chapter Points to set. Choose a file and click OK.

    The video is added and you will see it is not of same size as your selected area for video. You can position it on specifies area and can resize its window size. When you will play the video you will have many option, you can also view it in full screen mode.

    To add a sound file in the document go to the Tools pane, then click Content to open options and from Add or Edit Interactive Objects, select Multimedia and choose Sound and drag it on selected page. Now you will ask to choose the sound file which you want to play here.

    You can customize advanced options for Activation, Appearance and Poster Image settings, customize the settings and then browse and select the desired sound track, and then click OK. Now move on next or previous page and then again open the page where you added sound, and sound will triggered. In the same way you can add flash content in your document.

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  • Manipulating pages in PDF is not difficult task now. Open the page or document you want to manipulate. The basics of Manipulating PDF pages are here; go to the tools pane and click Pages panel to reveal options. Here you will see lot of options to work with your pages.

    If you want to rotate the page click on Rotate option and you will ask to select the direction of rotation. Select the direction and page range from which you can also select all the pages of document or only the current page to rotate. Now click OK and you will see your page is rotated. For temporarily changing the view of page click the view menu, click on Rotate View and select the direction you want the current page to rotate in.

    To delete a page simply click the Delete tool under Pages panel and you will prompt to select the range of pages you want to delete, and then click OK. You can also use pages navigations or bookmarks, move on the page directly that you want to delete and then click on Delete tool to remove that. You can also do this by pressing Delete key from your keyboard.

    You can also extract pages from document with Extract tool to use pages in one PDF document into other PDF document. You can leave the extracted pages in original document or you can remove them from the document. If you want to crop the page, select the page area to crop and click Crop tool in Pages panel which is used to crop the page from your selected area of page.

    You can also split the document with using Split Document tool under Pages panel. Open the document you want to split click on the tool, customize the setting of number of pages, file size and click OK.

    In Insert Pages section you can insert pages from file, click on it and select the pages and click select you have done it. You can also insert from clipboard, scanner and from web page using More Insert Options.

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