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Adobe Reader

Download and Install Adobe Acrobat 64Bit

Adobe Acrobat is typically installed from the official Adobe website. The installation process might have changed since then, but I can provide you with [...]

How To Write a Business Letter

How To Write a Business Letter You can write a business letter in different PDF & Word Processing Software.  Please follow given steps to write an [...]

What is .pdf File

Portable Document format (PDF) files are used as a rich quality of document with text, graphics, links and digital signatures, and to share information [...]

Adobe Reader Update

Adobe Reader is used to view, interpret, publish and circulate the Portable Document Format (PDF) files. PDF files are compressed and abstract; and can be [...]

How to create signature stamp in Adobe Acrobat

How to create a signature stamp for PDF documents and forms At office, at home or wherever you are; you have to sign many documents or forms while working [...]

How to create action in Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat offers a new feature of guided actions which allows you to perform multi step tasks into a single action at once rather than performing each small [...]

How to Convert Scanned Text or PDF Files into other Text Formats

Scanned text documents image can not be converted easily to other text formats. The scanned files are in actual the snapshots of original document and in this [...]

How to Use SharePoint and Office 365 With Acrobat X

A very exciting new capability of Acrobat X is its very nice integration with Microsoft SharePoint and office 365. In the past when you work with PDF files [...]

How to Compare Two Documents in Acrobat Reader

You can compare two versions of the same document using Adobe Acrobat X Pro. To compare two documents select view menu, click on Compare Documents command, [...]

What is PDF Portfolio

You can show your experience, skills and work quality with the help of portfolio. Portfolio is very important for professionals and firms. Your clients can get [...]

Adobe Reader