Adobe Reader PDF Files Send File for Review


Adobe reader amazing business tools we can send large paper work using PDF format to our business partner or colleagues. Here we learn how to make a review for PDF document so our business client or colleagues can easily read and manage it. You will get here some tips related to PDFs reviews and spelling checking.

We can easily send adobe reader documents file via email for review in Adobe Acrobat Reader Professional 9.

You can do this by follow these steps.

1-     Click on Select File

2-     Then Click on Send for Review

3-     Click on Send By Email For Review

4-     Select the file and enter email address press OK

5-     The sender can view all comments

How You Can Check Spell in Adobe Reader 9

1-     Open File In Adobe Reader 9

2-     Click on “Edit” and then “Check Spelling”

3-     Now Click On “Start”

4-     Or you can only click on the spelling checking icon if it is visible.

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