Portable Document Format (PDF) is now become a standard format for writing documents around the globe. PDF was presented by Adobe which has now offered variant software to read and edit PDFs. Adobe Reader is used to assess, publish and share the PDFs and free to download and install from numerous websites on internet. For Adobe Reader Installation user can visit adobe’s official website from where .exe file of adobe reader is directly downloaded. Once .exe file is downloaded the Adobe Reader installation process will be started automatically by clicking on .exe file of application. Now user has to follow the given instruction for installation to complete.

There is not a single method for Adobe Reader Installation; different websites are offering free downloading of it. Adobe Reader Installation process is finished in two steps, firstly you have to download the installer and then download .exe file of adobe Reader. If you kept it on desktop then double click on it. If saved in specific folder then open the directory where you have saved the downloaded file and double click on it. The setup will start Adobe Reader Installation on your system. Before using the application you have to restart your computer system. Adobe Reader updates are also available free of cost on internet.

You can check update by opening adobe reader and check for updates; a window on left side will be opened to show the results of available updates. User can choose, download and install the updates. These updates are presented with advance features to avoid dangerous virus attacks on application. The updates can only be installed if Adobe Reader application is already installed on your system.
Adobe Reader 10 For Windows
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