Adobe Reader 7 is an updated version of Adobe Reader and it was initially released in December, 2004 to detach the problems come to pass in its older versions. Many software releases of this software such as Adobe Reader 7.0, Adobe Reader  7.05, Adobe Reader  7.07, Adobe Reader  7.08, Adobe Reader  7.09 and the last update was 7.1.0 come in the software market by different releasing dates due to consistent development in the software to make it modest and easier to use. There are many older versions available but Adobe Reader 7 is faster than previous versions of it. Adobe Reader 7 is having all the feature that old version offered with renovation of problems that rose in old versions. It is not the latest version, many other version have released with the improvement in development.

Adobe Reader 7 is used for PDF (Portable Document Format) files and just allow the viewing the files cannot be altered. With Adobe Reader 7 user can enjoy PDF files manipulation because it gives a simple and interactive interface for user ease. PDF files can be viewed, copied, digitally signed and shared electronically among people on web and do much more with PDF files using assessable and integrative features of Reader. The use of fonts, comments, notes and form make it more vibrant. Adobe Reader 7 provides additional language support and if required fonts are not installed then installation of language font kit is prompted because Reader gives the updates about any upgrading feature.

Adobe Reader 7 give a hand to the incapacitate persons like sightless, low vision or suppleness deficiency so that these persons can read, assemble, print, design and fill forms also. Adobe Reader 7 is compatible and can run with home, professional or tablet PC editions regardless of any operating system requirement. It can be used for Apple Mac OS, Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP.

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