Adobe Reader X 10.1.1

Adobe release new version of adobe reader called adobe reader x 10.1.1 with more useful features. Adobe reader 10.1.1 is faster then old versions of adobe reader. Adobe reader 10.1.1 also have more security protection. You can download it from adobe website in different languages for free.  You will also get Mcafee security scan plus with adobe reader 10.1.1, but its optional if you don’t want to download it just unchecked this option and download adobe reader.

Systems Requirements for Adobe Reader X 10.1.1

CPU required 1.3 Ghz and minimum ram required 256 MB in your system for adobe reader installation.

If you need to use adobe reader in all languages you can download languages update for adobe reader from adobe website. After installation of languages updates you can enjoy adobe reader in all languages.

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