You can create PDFs from Web browsers. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, there is a button Convert on top left corner of page, for converting the web pages into other formats. Here are options to Convert Web Page to Adobe PDF, Add Web Page to Existing PDF, Print Web Page, Convert Web Page and Email etc.

Click on Convert>Preferences, select conversion settings for the file, click on drop down menu under File Type and select whether to make Text or HTML file. You can customize more option by clicking on Setting button, here are options including input encoding setting, language Specific Font Settings, Default color and Other Settings. If there is any multimedia content in the page and you don’t want to convert it then click on Multimedia Content from Other setting section and select Disable multimedia capture. You can choose embed multimedia content when possible, if it is possible it will embed if not then it will not embed, which is bad. You can also choose Reference multimedia content by URL and it will allow multimedia content in there. After customizing settings click OK.

Now from Web Page Conversion Setting dialog box, open Page Layout, customize setting for page look, and click OK.

Now click on button Convert, Convert dialog box will open, select desired destination folder to save file, type name of file in edit box, and click Save. Now open this file in Acrobat you will see all the content of page are there. If there is any video in web page it is working in the PDF file too.

If you are using internet explorer, there is a bit difference, you have to click Select button beside convert button and select the area of page to be converted. The selected areas will be marked as blue. Now click on Convert button and save file. It will successfully convert but only the selected areas are converted. So it is not a complicated process abut very simple to do in just one click. Now try it by yourself and enjoy conversion from of WebPages to PDF.

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