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  • If you don’t like to use mouse during your office work then you should know shortcut keys of your software application. Adobe Reader is most important software on the office desk. So here you can learn shortcut keys for Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.

    Adobe Reader Shortcut Keys

    If you don’t like to use mouse during your office work then you should know shortcut keys of your software application. Adobe Reader is most important software on the office desk. So here you can learn shortcut keys for Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.


    Tools Selection Keys
    if you want to select tool with a single keyboard key then please enable it for adobe reader. You need to go Edit -> Preferences -> “Use single-key accelerators to access tools” you can enable here single keys functions.
    Shortcut Keys

    Use “h” and tool
    “V” for selecting tool
    “G” for snapshot tool

    Zoom Shortcut Keys

    Ctrl + & – Zoom in / Zoom out (or ctrl + mouse scroll)
    If you want to fit Zoom to page Press Ctrl+0(zero)
    For 100% Zoom Please Use Press (Ctrl + 1)
    You can fit Zoom with width Press (Ctrl + 2)
    For easy reading you can use reflow option Press (Ctrl + 4)
    Specific Magnification Press ( Ctrl+Y)

    Navigation Shortcut Keys

    For Up and Down Scrolling Press ( Arrow Up & Arrow Down)
    For Screen Jumping One Screen Up and one Screen Down Press (Page Up & Page Down)
    Jump to Start and Jump to End use Press ( Home/End) Keys
    Jump one page down / one page up Press ( Ctrl + Page Down / Ctrl + Page Up)
    If you want to go any specific page (n) then use Press ( Ctrl + Shift + (Specific Number) )
    You can enable and disable auto scrolling option Press ( Ctrl + Shift + H )

    View Changing Shortcut Keys

    Rotate page clockwise  Press (Ctrl + Shift + [ + ] )
    For Page Counter Clockwise Press ( Ctrl + Shift + – )
    You can enable and disable reading mode Press ( Ctrl + H)
    Full Screen Mode enable and disable Press ( Ctrl + L)
    You can show and hide navigation with (F4)
    Show and Hide Toolbar Press (F8)
    Show and hide menu toolbar Press (F9)

    Search, Find and Select Shortcut Keys

    Open Find Box Press (Ctrl + F)
    For all selection Press (Ctrl + A)
    You can deselect all ( Ctrl + Shift + A)
    Acrobat Features Shortcut Keys

    View Documents Properties Press (Ctrl +D)
    Save a File copy Press ( Ctrl + Shift + S)
    Printing Page Menu Press ( Ctrl + P)
    Print Setup Menu Press ( Ctrl + Shift + P)
    For File Open Press ( Ctrl + O)
    Close current PDF documents Press (Ctrl + W)
    For Exit All PDF Documents (Ctrl + Q)
    Open Access Preferences ( Ctrl + K)

    The Rest Shortcut Keys
    Cascase all windows Press (Ctrl + Shift + J)
    Tile all windows horizontally Press (Ctrl + Shift + K)
    For Tile all windows vertically Press (Ctrl + Shift + L)
    For Changing  Accessibility Reading Options Press  (Ctrl + Shift + 5)
    Accessibility Quick Check Press  (Ctrl + Shift + 6)

    All above shortcut keys really very helpful for you if you spend more time on PDF documents and Adobe Reader. You can get fully control on Adobe Acrobat by using these shortcuts.

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  • Portable Document format (PDF) files are used as a rich quality of document with text, graphics, links and digital signatures, and to share information electronically among others.

    .PDF Files Examples. ( A Book in .PDF Format)


    For PDF Files to read and write variety of application are available. Adobe Reader is used to view, print and share PDF files. The files cannot be edited through the Reader. For editing purpose Adobe Acrobat is used. Although Adobe is called parent of PDF but anyone can create application to read or write PDF files without paying to adobe because it is royalty free. Sometime user complaints that they cannot open the PDF files on their computer but most of the time files are not corrupted but this happens due to problem in user’s computer system. PDF files can only be viewed by the Reader which is .pdf files supportive.

    PDF File Screen Shoot
    pdf_file 1

    Some applications are available which make it possible to convert other format files into PDF files and PDF files into other format files. PDF files can be converted into word, excel, image with the PDF converter. The other document type like word, excel and image can also be converted into PDF files with the PDF converter. Other format files can converted back to PDF using all to PDF converter. There is a limitation that only printable files can be converted the non printable files cannot be converted into PDF.

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  • How to create a signature stamp for PDF documents and forms

    At office, at home or wherever you are; you have to sign many documents or forms while working and obviously it is not simple on computer as well as on paper. So you must have some way to get rid of the old process of printing all the forms you have to sign, then scanning all of them back and converting again in PDF, which consumes lot of time. There is a simple way to do it. For this reason, you can create your signature stamp. It is very simple just a process of make and place. You also don’t need to convert your signature every time when you have to sign forms.

    First of all sign your name on a small piece of white paper and then scan it to your computer (for scanning signature you should have a scanner). Try to avoid extra white area around signature if it is then crop the image after scanning and save it.

    How to convert the signature into a stamp? Open Adobe Acrobat, Click on the comment pane and select annotation panel.  Now from stamp pull down menu select custom stamps>create custom stamp, a small box will be appeared. Click on browse button and find your scanned signature file, select gif format of file and click on ok now give name to your stamp and category for example you can write “Signatures” in category that it will be helpful to find out signature stamps. Now click on ok and stamp is created.

    To place stamp on your form go back to stamp menu and look for the category you have created. Select “Signatures” and choose your signatures and simply place on your form where required. Now resize it and position it as well. You can use this stamp in any kind of documents/forms to sign so you can use your signature stamp in the place of real-world stamp.

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  • Acrobat offers a new feature of guided actions which allows you to perform multi step tasks into a single action at once rather than performing each small action for every page you can apply it to whole document. It will save lot of your time.
    Start by opening Action wizard, you can create new actions with option Create New Action option and can edit existing actions with edit action option. There are seven pre-installed actions to help you to save time and standardize processes by automating routine multi step tasks.
    Actions can be applied to a single file or you can point the action at a folder of files. If you want to create a new action, click on Create New Action, select where acrobat will access the files to use. Click on drop down menu under Start with and select the option whether you want to use scanned document directly, the currently opened file or file save din computer.

    Now select steps to perform action. Pages panel on the left side corner will reveal the options for editing your page such as Adding or removing header & footer, Adding removing Watermark etc. Content panel reveals the options to attach files, create comment summary, delete all comments, add document description etc. You can set how the document process, click on Document Processing panel, you can reduce file size or page transitions etc. You can encrypt your document from Protection panel.

    Now save the file and you are having options for this also whether you want to make changes to original document or to keep original document too. You can file in another format and with new name and it will be a separate file from original file. Click Save button, enter Action name and Add description if you like, click Save and you will see the action in Actions section of Action wizard panel.

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  • Scanned text documents image can not be converted easily to other text formats. The scanned files are in actual the snapshots of original document and in this form the document is not editable or convertible in text software.  When you will scan any document you will find just an image not a rich media file.

    But now you can convert any text image into a digital text media file with the help of OCR  (Optical character recognition). Adobe providing OCR technology in Acrobat X and higher versions. This option can covert a scanned document or a text image into real text format with just a one click.  After converting you can use that text file just like a original text document, you can copy and edit text in any software like Ms office, Word Pad, Notepad etc.

    You can Download Free Trail Version Adobe Acrobat X Pro from following link.

    How to use OCR Option in Acrobat

    1- Just open a scanned text image in Adobe Acrobat,  You will find image in this way and will not b able to copy or edit text.

    2- Now Click on Tool Menu and then “Text Recognition”  and “In This File” . When you will click on this option you will see a new window where you can set pages limit you want use and click “Ok”  software will run OCR process on the given page range or current page as selected.

    Now you can easily edit and copy text from this file.

    There is an other option you can use for converting text image into Ms Word file.

    1- Click on tool menu and then “Content Editing”

    2- Now click on Export file to and Select Microsoft Word document.

    When you will save file using this option Acrobat will rum OCR process on complete file and convert it into digital text file before saving.

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  • A very exciting new capability of Acrobat X is its very nice integration with Microsoft SharePoint and office 365. In the past when you work with PDF files that stored in document SharePoint library, you would have to manually check out, download, upload and check back in those files.

    Now with Acrobat X you can open PDF file directly by clicking it from your browser, Acrobat will not only open but ask you if you want to check the file before opening with Check Out & Open file options. Now view the file, if you want to change anything in file then choose options from Content panel in Comment panel. In acrobat you are having many options for editing Text and file objects and adding or editing interactive objects. You can also add bookmark or attach a file to your document.

    Acrobat Integration With SharePoint and Office 365

    1- Open Acrobat X and Click on “Open”

    2- Now you will find a new window for file opening, select “new account” from the drop down menu as showing in screen shoot.

    3- Now you have two option, You want to use  Office 365 or SharePoint, Select one of them and use your login information for integration.

    4- After successful integration you will be able to open and edit file directly in acrobat. You can edit PDF file completely just like you are editing a file from your hard drive.

    Acrobat makes your office work very easy  and short, it is really a very professional application with a lot of useful options.  So buy it from adobe and make you job easy.

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  • You can compare two versions of the same document using Adobe Acrobat X Pro. To compare two documents select view menu, click on Compare Documents command, dialog opens where you can chose old document with which you want to compare the new  document.

    Now first choose your old document from your hard drive and then choose old document. You can also compare selective pages from both documents by giving page rang showing in above screen shoot.

    Now please select what type of documents you are going to compare. There are three options

    1- Reports, Spreadsheets, Magazine layouts

    2- Presentation Decks, Drawings or illustrations

    3- Scanned Documents

    Select one option and Click Ok.

    Acrobat will open the new document with compare panel opened on the left hand side. The top portion of panel displays the thumbnails or report. Which summarizes the differences between the files and the blue hyperlinks will navigate you to the original file.
    If you click any hyperlink it will show you the original pages with highlighting the changes area. If you click on highlighted area or text it will pop up to tell you that what is changed. The Color Legend on the top right side indicates that what color used for inserting, deleting, replacing and moving colors.

    The icons below the pages shows that something has changed associated with page, purple arrow indicates pages for change and green arrows indicates changes for move. If there is not any icon below the page it indicates that nothing has been changed in this page.
    The bottom portion of the panel is the dynamic thumbnail of the old page. This allows you to see what the older version look like even you are still in the new document. If there is any blue mark on the page it means that new page is inserted.
    You can also view documents side by side, by selecting the command Show Documents Side by side under the pull down tab. It layout two documents side by side and synchronize the pages as you move through the documents and you can easily compare these.

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  • You can show your experience, skills and work quality with the help of portfolio. Portfolio is very important for professionals and firms. Your clients can get a clear idea about your products, services and work style.

    A PDF portfolio allows you to make a packaging of multiple files. You can assemble PDF portfolio, add files into it and you can also change its appearance and content.

    How to Start Creating a PDF Portfolio

    You can start the process from file menu, click on create and you are having option to create PDF portfolio. You are also having Create option in tool bar so you can use it directly to make PDF portfolio. This option is also present in the getting started section on welcome window. Create PDF Portfolio dialog will open. Now choose layout for your portfolio by given options or click on Import Custom Layout to import customize one. You can add files here to which layout is applied by clicking on Add Files button and select the files to use, when all required files will added click on Finish button to close dialog. Tool bar will disappear from window and three panels will show by default on upper-right corner named Layout, Details and Share. Details panel is used to show file information and metadata. Share panel will gives you options to share your PDF portfolio via Email or using online links.

    PDF Portfolio Screen Shoot

    You can check the portfolio before making any changes to it by clicking on Preview button. Panels will disappear and you will only see the PDF portfolio and its navigation features. Thumbnails are also visible at the bottom of page for jumping to any file. Each document in PDF portfolio shows on a card. You can click up and down arrows on the card for scrolling the file.

    If you want to see the file information click the “i” button on the card and it will flip over. You will see file name, size, date when created, date when modified, tags and description if any. Click the x button on top-left corner of card to flip it back. Click Edit from tool bar to show panels. You can customize your card name, its content, add images or delete some content from it. PDF portfolios enable you to dress up different format files into a package.

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  • You can add interactivity to your PDF files in Acrobat using buttons, links, videos, swf animations (Adobe Flash) and Sounds. Adobe Acrobat X providing this facility in very easy way. Acrobat application have a very user friendly menu for using these all elements in PDF files.

    Follow these steps to add interactivity in PDF files.

    1- Click on Tool Menu

    2- Then Click on “Interactive Objects”

    3- Select your required option from Add Botton – Add Video – Add Sound – Add SWF – Add 3D

    4- Just select which type of interactive object you want to add and make a drag on document to add it.

    This is an example how you can add a button on in PDF file.

    Now if you want to add a video let me explain.

    1- Open Tools Menu

    2- Click on Interactive Objects

    3- Select Add Video option

    Then follow this image. When you will drag your mouse on PDF document you will see a window “insert Video” Just browse your video from your hard drive or insert a URL and then click  Ok.

    You can add all others interactive objects by following same steps.  I hope this tutorial provide you full help for making your PDF files more user friendly and professional. If you have any question please leave a comment.

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  • Adobe Reader For Solaris and Linux Operating System

    Adobe Reader for Linux and Solarisis offered with multi language support properties. It is an application to view, assemble, circulate and print the Portable Document Format (PDF) files. PDF is a standard and reliable format for documents to be view and write in. Adobe Reader is only a viewer of PDFs not permits the editing and it is presented to use regardless of operating system on any computer. Adobe Reader for Linux is free software to use and download. Home users and business professionals reliably and easily use it to view, examine, share and print their documents in PDF files. The files can be converted into PDF document from any application regardless of format and can be converted back into originating format from PDF file. For editing options user have to install Acrobat version.

    Several versions of Adobe Reader for Linux OS have released including Adobe Reader 9.3 Linux and Solaris update which addresses unfavorable security susceptibilities and provide more constancy. The update is available in languages including English, French, Japanese and German for Linux and Solaris. The language specified versions also exist. There is not only the Adobe Reader for Linux operating system to read, scrutinize, print and share PDF files but Foxit Reader is also available as a competitor of Adobe Reader. But Adobe Reader works best with the Linux OS.

    To download Adobe Reader for Linux operating system user van go to then select reader and then other versions of it, a new page will be opened having the options to select desired operating system, language and version. User can choose Linux OS, required language and version then click on Download now button the application will start downloading.

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