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  • You can show your experience, skills and work quality with the help of portfolio. Portfolio is very important for professionals and firms. Your clients can get a clear idea about your products, services and work style.

    A PDF portfolio allows you to make a packaging of multiple files. You can assemble PDF portfolio, add files into it and you can also change its appearance and content.

    How to Start Creating a PDF Portfolio

    You can start the process from file menu, click on create and you are having option to create PDF portfolio. You are also having Create option in tool bar so you can use it directly to make PDF portfolio. This option is also present in the getting started section on welcome window. Create PDF Portfolio dialog will open. Now choose layout for your portfolio by given options or click on Import Custom Layout to import customize one. You can add files here to which layout is applied by clicking on Add Files button and select the files to use, when all required files will added click on Finish button to close dialog. Tool bar will disappear from window and three panels will show by default on upper-right corner named Layout, Details and Share. Details panel is used to show file information and metadata. Share panel will gives you options to share your PDF portfolio via Email or using online links.

    PDF Portfolio Screen Shoot

    You can check the portfolio before making any changes to it by clicking on Preview button. Panels will disappear and you will only see the PDF portfolio and its navigation features. Thumbnails are also visible at the bottom of page for jumping to any file. Each document in PDF portfolio shows on a card. You can click up and down arrows on the card for scrolling the file.

    If you want to see the file information click the “i” button on the card and it will flip over. You will see file name, size, date when created, date when modified, tags and description if any. Click the x button on top-left corner of card to flip it back. Click Edit from tool bar to show panels. You can customize your card name, its content, add images or delete some content from it. PDF portfolios enable you to dress up different format files into a package.

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  • How to Protect PDF Documents

    You can protect you document against unauthorized access and it is a very important for documents today. Acrobat offers protection to your documents and make them secure from unauthorized access.

    Protection can be applied to PDF files, portfolios or to attachments of files to either restrict the ability to open a file or just block the ability to printing, commenting and content extraction. All PDF documents protection relies on encryption using either a password or digital certificate. To encrypt a file click on Tools pane, then select Protection panel to open the options. Now click on Encrypt to show drop down list of message and preset profiles available. Select Encrypt with Certificate and customize general setting. Select option to choose which components of document to be encrypted. Now click Next and make sure that you have included your own certificate. Now click on Browse to add the recipients and you can set permission for each individual recipient. Now click Next and then click Finish. Setting are remembered but not still applied. These setting will apply when you save your document. If you have changed your mind and you want to remove the current settings and apply the new settings, then click on Encrypt from Protection panel and click on Remove. Now reset the document.

    Password based Encryption is the most commonly used encryption method that is widely supported in non Adobe software too. It does not need any advance knowledge anyone who knows the password can open and view the file. The Setting dialog for password security includes numbers of important changes. Select the compatibility level, and there are two ways to protect the files. You can apply and open password or you can restrict editing or printing of document and add password for permissions. After customizing the setting click OK and you will prompt to re-enter the password. Now click on File menu and select Save As to save file, now select the file type and now type the name of file, click Save. The security is applied and you will see on window title SECURED word is added.

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  • You can create PDFs from Web browsers. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, there is a button Convert on top left corner of page, for converting the web pages into other formats. Here are options to Convert Web Page to Adobe PDF, Add Web Page to Existing PDF, Print Web Page, Convert Web Page and Email etc.

    Click on Convert>Preferences, select conversion settings for the file, click on drop down menu under File Type and select whether to make Text or HTML file. You can customize more option by clicking on Setting button, here are options including input encoding setting, language Specific Font Settings, Default color and Other Settings. If there is any multimedia content in the page and you don’t want to convert it then click on Multimedia Content from Other setting section and select Disable multimedia capture. You can choose embed multimedia content when possible, if it is possible it will embed if not then it will not embed, which is bad. You can also choose Reference multimedia content by URL and it will allow multimedia content in there. After customizing settings click OK.

    Now from Web Page Conversion Setting dialog box, open Page Layout, customize setting for page look, and click OK.

    Now click on button Convert, Convert dialog box will open, select desired destination folder to save file, type name of file in edit box, and click Save. Now open this file in Acrobat you will see all the content of page are there. If there is any video in web page it is working in the PDF file too.

    If you are using internet explorer, there is a bit difference, you have to click Select button beside convert button and select the area of page to be converted. The selected areas will be marked as blue. Now click on Convert button and save file. It will successfully convert but only the selected areas are converted. So it is not a complicated process abut very simple to do in just one click. Now try it by yourself and enjoy conversion from of WebPages to PDF.

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  • Acrobat X Pro is offering many enhanced features. Sending PDF form via E-mail is one of them. You can distribute the forms and get them into the hands of the people that you would like to fill the form out and can have the data back when they fill the form. Acrobat gives you facility to distribute forms and get the data back into the way that makes sense for you.

    Follow These Steps.

    1- Click on File Menu and Send File

    2- Select option Send file by Application or Web Email Service.

    3- Click on Continue,

    This is really a very easy way to send PDF form or documents to any person.

    Select a PDF file converted into form and could be delivered as a form. Click on Highlight Existing Fields and it will highlight all, now you can fill form on your computer system. It can be filled by someone’s hand directly and for that click on Tools pane. Now click on Forms panel and select the Distribute option, you will prompt for how to collect response from your recipients. Select the Manually collect responses in my email inbox option and click Next button. Now you will prompt to choose the way to distribute your form. If you want to send it automatically then choose the option Send it automatically using Adobe Acrobat and click on Next.

    Now add e-mail addresses of people to whom you want to send the form and click on Send. It is very quick and easy sending process so you don’t need now to attach files in your email. Acrobat will create two versions of form; distributed and responses. If you open distributed version you will that how form looks in recipient view which is same as original form but having the submit form button on its top right corner to give response. Add information and click on submit form. You will notify that your response has been sent.

    These responses will receive to form distributor and you can simply view this by clicking on the message. You will prompt to add the file in response file that you have been created for responses or to create new response file. Select the option and click on OK. You can now export this information to some useful format such as in spreadsheets using Export all option.

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  • Portable Document Format (PDF), introduced by Adobe, has now become a standard format for writing documents and keeping record. PDF maker software helps to create, modify, view, manipulate and print PDF files. With PDF Maker PDF files not only designed but PDF files can be generated by converting any file format including JPEG, BMP, DOC, HTML and EXCEL. Every PDF Maker has different conversion setting so if user encounters with variant makers then user has to learn how to set the conversion setting. The documents are converted as a whole, each and every thing is converted such that heading are converted into bookmarks and URLs are converted into web links.

    PDF Maker generates PDF files with enhanced features adding secure documents creation and reliable delivery. The PDF files generated with any PDF Maker are compatible with Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat is a famous Release of Adobe. It is not indispensable that only saved files in computer system will be converted, by using Adobe Acrobat web pages can also be converted to PDF, so there is no boundary for editing in Adobe Acrobat. Adobe furnished Acrobat software with bets features to make it an essential application used for PDF files to view, modify, print and share. The major issue was how to edit PDF files and this issue is focused while developing Adobe Acrobat to provide users a modest and rational application.

    On internet a variety of PDF Maker versions is available and user can download and install it without paying a single penny. To download and install PDF Maker user have to download .exe file, after saving it in windows double click on the file and downloading process will start, follow the instruction and wait till installation complete.

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  • PDF Writer Software

    PDF file writer software is expediting users to design, modify and circulate the Portable Document Format (PDF) files. PDF files may contain any format file including images, text, graphics, and digital audio, video and 3D objects. Documents can be transformed to searchable PDF files or PDF forms, which can be filled, shared and submitted. PDF forms designed by PDF writer is fill able and user can use auto complete tool for it, fill a new clear form or add comment to the forms.

     PDF files writer has the capability to amalgamate variant type of files into a solo PDF document. Adobe Acrobat is one of the recognized PDF Writer for editing and designing PDFs. Adobe releases People want to view their documents in assembled and strong form in a short time therefore PDF writer is required which gives a healthy look to files by converting them into PDF. PDF Writer can convert any format file regardless of operating system and windows application and create the one which is also compatible with any computer system without any problem.

    PDF writer has tools for PDF conversion, commenting and also scanning before conversion to PDF. The files transformed to the PDF can also be transformed back to their original format. The conversion tool makes it easier to circulate information in any form among people. The person who creates or designs PDF has the authority to make it password protected and can also use digital signatures. Only the author of the PDF will have the ability to modify the document and nobody else can use or even view it without being authorized by signer who generates it. PDF writers are freely available on internet to download and install, some online PDF writers are also available to avoid time consumption of downloading but better is to have the PDF writer on desktop.

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  • Acrobat Writer is a PDF Writer, used to create, scrutinize, verify, print and share the files in PDF (Portable Document Format). PDF has become a standard format for documentation and is being used for official reporting as well as for personal documents. Adobe Reader is also used to view, manipulate and print PDF files but its limitation is that it does not allow users to edit or modify any PDF files and behave just like a Reader for it. Acrobat writer is also presented by Adobe and have all the feature of Adobe Reader but allow alteration.

    Acrobat Writer works not only as PDF Maker but also as PDF Converter. PDF files can be edited and modified in any aspect. The SDK (Software Development Kit) with Acrobat Reader improves its performance that’s why Acrobat Writer can be used for commercial use. Acrobat Write is offering formatting tools including color, text size, font and hyperlink entrenched. It is offering advanced tools for PDF creation including comments tracker, sticky notes, password security and bookmarks. PDF files can be created from any file regardless of format and application.

    To have Acrobat Writer, user may visit the Adobe’s official website; it can be directly downloaded from there. There are many others way to download and install it but some of them may be time consuming or may encounter with some problems. To download it from direct user just have to check whether browser security setting or firewall is on, if it is then change the setting because browser may suspend the download process for security reasons. Once Acrobat Writer is downloaded and installed it will be updated automatically.

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  • Adobe Acrobat X Standard

    Adobe introduce new version of adobe acrobat reader called Adobe Acrobat X Standard version. There are many extra useful features in Adobe Acrobat X Standard.

    You can get following glowing features in Adobe Acrobat X Standard.

    1-   PDF File Conversion

    2-   Scanning to PDF Files

    3-   HTML to PDF

    4-   Email to PDF

    5-   Export and Edit PDF Files

    6-     Combine Files from Multi Applications

    7-  Data Collection from fillable PDF forums

    8-  Online Documents Reviews

    9-   PDF documents Security

    10-  Search, View and Share PDF Files

    PDF Files Conversion:

    You can easily convert MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) Files into PDF format with just one click. This is very important feature for all professional computer users. Now don’t take tension and just Download Adobe Acroabt X Standard, install it on your system and enjoy this wonderful feature.

    Scanning to PDF Files

    Adobe Acrobat X Standard Version allows you to scan documents with search able text into PDF files.  Just scan your documents with adobe acrobat x and feel free to search contents form your scanned documents.

    HTML to PDF

    Do you want to save any webpage in to PDF file with one click? If you need this type of feature then don’t waste your time on other applications just install adobe acrobat x standard version. You can save any webpage from firefox or internet explorer in PDF file format. This is also possible to make PDF file only selected area contents.

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  • How You Can Edit PDF Files

    Are you trying to modify PDF file but are you know this is not very easy as you think. PDF files are not like text files you cannot edit pdf files like word documents. You must need some specific software for this purpose.

    You can edit PDF files with following methods.

    Free PDF Editor Software:

    There are many Free PDF Editor software are available on internet. You can use these type of software for edit your PDF files.

    Online PDF Editor Websites:

    Some websites are also giving free option to edit PDF files. You can use these websites as PDF editor. Just upload your PDF file on website server and then edit it using your browser. After complete editing you can save your PDF file and download it.

    For Example:

    Commercial software:

    If you are working in commercial sector we recommend you commercial PDF editor software. Adobe Acrobat, Foxit Editor and InFix are commercial PDF editors.

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  • Some time you will feel adobe reader is not enough for  your work. If you want to buy adobe acrobat then you can purchase it from adobe reader 10.  Adobe acrobat is really a great software for any one to have.

    You can purchase it just with one click from adobe reader.

    Just go at help menu in adobe reader and you will find a option for purchase adobe acrobat.

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