Adobe Reader 8 was released as an updated version of Adobe Reader 7. The first version of Reader was released on May, 2006 and as improvement required it comes with versions Adobe Reader 8.0, Adobe Reader 8.1.1, Adobe Reader 8.1.2 for better performance and more convenient for users. It is compatible with windows 200, windows XP, windows vista etc.

Adobe Reader 8 is an application that allow user to view, access, assemble, print, search, share and make secure the Portable Document Format (PDF) files in a better way than before. Using Adobe Reader 8 user has the facility to explore, fill, comment and also submit the PDF forms. User can use a clear form to fill with spell check option on form or can have the auto complete options for the form. It can read any PDF document regardless of computer system specifications.

Adobe Reader 8 also provides visual aids and magnifier feature for the incapacitate persons for their convenience. The PDF files can be of any type as well as digital audio, video clips and 3D objects, there is no limitation of format, Adobe Reader 8 can assess any of these types and user can move, zoom in, zoom out, and select specific area to examine in the document.

Adobe Reader 8 is a global standard for presentation and reliable circulation of PDF files. It offers improved and advanced feature than old versions and the speed issue is also treated at some extent. By using Adobe Reader 8 user can use digital signature to sign their documents to keep away from unofficial approach. When user authenticates a digital signature, his identity is certified and signer can share its certification if needed.
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You can still download Adobe Reader 8 Version From Adobe Official Website.

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