Adobe SendNow to share track files with co-workers and colleagues without sending huge email attachments back and forth. Open the document in Acrobat that you want to share with someone else. Now click on Share panel, you will have two options to send document one Use Adobe SendNow Online and the other one is Attach to Email to attach files to your email. Click on Use Adobe SendNow Online, if you want to add more files click on Add Files to add. Now you can type the email address of whom you want to send the file and write subject title.
You can also add message with file, type the message in given text area. To get delivery receipts to make sure whether the file is delivered or not, click on Get delivery receipts option. You can limit the time for your document to be downloadable and click on Send Link button.

Acrobat tells you when the sending process completes. You can also view and track the files you have sent to others. Click on the option View and Track Sent file given on completion of sending process. Adobe SendNow window will open, you can view sent files from Sent Files area. You can also check for received files in Received Files area and can send more files from Send Files area.

You can see details for the sent or received files by clicking on files. If you will click a sent file you will see complete information about it such as who is the sender file, who receives it and on which date it is sent. Here are tools given on top left of Sent Files to forward the file to share with others, to download file, and to delete files. From SendNow menu you can use the online other services available for Adobe.

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